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Ottomobile  OT699 Audi S8 D3 2008

Ottomobile OT699 Audi S8 D3 2008


Otto OT699 Audi S8 D3 2008

If the Audi A8 is a true limousine, its S8 version backtalks the Devil himself. Equipped with a V10 4-valve cylinder engine, it comes with a stunning 450 horsepower accessible through a simple tap of the right foot. Its performances are worthy of a supercar, crushing 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds. With its Quattro transmission system handled electronically and associated to 6 gears, the Audi S8 is the ideal car to race across the country in the greatest comfort.

Sealed Body Resin with full interior and underside detail

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