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Ottomobile OT855 Honda CR-X Mk2 1988

Ottomobile OT855 Honda CR-X Mk2 1988


Otto OT855 Honda CR-X Mk II in Rio Red

In the 80s, Honda decided to launch a car derived from the Civic but smaller and more fun. This is how the Honda Ballade Sports CR-X was born. Very quickly, this 2 + 2 sports coupe met with a certain enthusiasm. In 1988, the second generation was marketed. The second rear window that ended the tailgate became the symbol of the CR-X and this idea would be taken up by many brands including Mercedes-Benz! The CR-X is considered pleasant, easy to use and economical, Qualities which give it an iconic status amongst other cars of the brand. So much so that the Honda CR-X inspired video game developers, with cars such as the “Blista Compact” in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Sealed body Resin with Full Interior and underside detail

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