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Ottomobile OT790 BMW E46 M3

Ottomobile OT790 BMW E46 M3


Otto OT790 BMW E46 M3

The BMW M3 E46 had the heavy burden of succeeding the iconic E30 and E36 that had given the Motorsport blazon its noble colours. This new generation would present itself as a Grand Touring coupé with a purified and balanced aesthetic. It would be on the M3 version that the wings would be widened, and the bonnet would be made of aluminium with several indentations to fit the 6 cylinder 24 valve engine in. Its 343 hp would allow the M3 to do 0 to 100 in barely 5,2 seconds. Still today this generation of BMW is, in the eyes of the collector, a must-have.

Sealed body Resin with Full Interior and underside detail

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