NCE Power Cab Starter Set

NCE Power Cab Starter Set

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NCE Power Cab Starter Set

NCE PowerCab

An entire DCC system in the palm of your hand!  This system can handle 2 or 3  HO sized trains, or 4 N scale trains.

The Power Cab provides all of the capability and ease of use that you’ve heard about in our Power Pro system, at an entry level price. Installation is a snap. Hook two wires to your track and plug in the cab and you’re running trains under DCC using the most advanced entry level system on the market.

The Power Cab can be expanded into either a full NCE Pro with all the features you have come to expect from NCE or increase its power to run a larger layout with the Smart Booster. The Smart Booster increases the PowerCab to a full 5 amps suitable for all small to medium layout's

All warranty and service conducted in Australia by approved NCE technician

PowerCab Specifications:

* Cabs: 2 maximum plus USB &/or Mini Panel
* Number of simultaneous trains: 12
* Number of consists: 112 - 127 
* Range of locomotive addresses: 0-9999
* Range of consist addresses: 1-127
* Range of accessory addresses: 1-2044
* Continuous Output Current: 1.4 amps peak
* Power supply: Australian approved included 
* Output voltage: 13.4 Volts
* Computer interface: USB optional

Power Supply

The NCE PowerCab MUST be operated with a factory approved power supply that is supplied with the system. Failure to use this transformer will destroy your PowerCab resulting in expensive repair charges.