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Italeri 6540 T-55 Iraqi Army

Italeri 6540 T-55 Iraqi Army


Italeri 6540 T-55 Iraqi Army - Gulf War 25th Anniversary - 1/35 Scale

The T-55 is a direct evolution of the Soviet tank T-54. The T-55, introduced just after the end of World War II, has been the main battle tank used by Red Army and Warsaw Pact countries armored units for a lto of years.  Characterized  by a good armor and by the adoption of the reliable 100 mm gun, it has been developed around a simple project able to guarantee a relatively low production cost and an easy maintenance on the battlefield.  The T-55 was one of the most produced and used tanks of History. Produced in several versions,  it has also been adopted by many Countries direct linked to Soviet influence area. It was used for example by Iraqi armored troops in the 1980-1988 war against Iran and during the war in Kuwait on January / February 1991.

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