Testors AZTEK A2708 Fine External Mix Airbrush

Testors AZTEK A2708 Fine External Mix Airbrush

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Testors AZTEK A2708 Fine External Mix Single Acting Airbrush

A2708 Set Includes:

  • A270 Airbrush & 6' hose
  • 28 mm siphon cap/bottle assembly
  • General Purpose Nozzle, Fine Line Nozzle & Large Area Nozzle
  • 12 cc top feed color cup
  • Compressor adapter
  • Instruction manual

About External Mix Airbrushes

Aztek has created an outstanding airbrush. Each External Mix airbrush is available in a set with different accessories to allow for a wide range of needs. Below you will find the features of this airbrush and the accessories that the kit contains.

An external mix airbrush combines the air and the paint outside of the airbrush. As air passes over the paint tip, it sprays the paint toward your project. This mixing method produces  a courser,  grainier spray, making freehand  spraying and detail work  more of a challenge. However this is the easiest and least expensive design, making it a great choice for beginner airbrush users and children. 

Single action (trigger controls flow of air only), external mix airbrush with 6' hose.


  • Patented Quick Color Change configuration
  • Lightweight body
  • Easy-to-adjust controls


Use in Three Easy Steps:
1) Fill Aztek airbrush reservoir jar with one of hundreds of non-toxic acrylic or enamel colors.
2) Assemble Aztek airbrush reservoir cap and attach to airbrush body
3) Unit is ready to spray. Color changes are quick and easy and require no messy clean-up.

Use For:

  • Education - Create custom colors and effects for exciting classroom projects.
  • Modeling - Broad coverage provides an even coat when applying paint or primer to model kits.
  • Craft - Easily creates a broad range of special effects and spray patterns by masking and stenciling.
  • Large coverage projects requiring broad stroke coverage.