Testors AZTEK 9343C Medium Coverage Nozzle - Orange

Testors AZTEK 9343C Medium Coverage Nozzle - Orange

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Testors AZTEK 9343c Medium Coverage Nozzle - Orange

Medium Coverage Nozzle (Orange)


About Nozzles

Aztek® tip technology allows spray patterns to be altered by easily changing out the nozzle of the airbrush. The patented nozzle system is used in all of the Intermediate and Professional grade airbrushes including A320, A370, A450, A470 & A480.

Aztek® airbrush tips are easy to clean, just spray through the Cleaning Station or soak in Aztek® Cleaner (50497A).


Standard Nozzle
9304CX – 0.30mm Nozzle
9305CX – 0.40mm Nozzle
9306CX – 0.50mm Nozzle
9307CX – 0.50mm Nozzle
9342CX – 0.53mm Nozzle
9343CX – 0.70mm Nozzle
9344CX – 1.02mm Nozzle
9345CX – 0.46mm, 0.6 mm & 1.0mm Nozzle Set

Acrylic Nozzle
9340 – General Purpose - 0.40mm 
934107 – High Flow - 0.50mm 

A270 Nozzle Set 
9352A – 0.40mm, 0.50 & 0.53mm